How to Get Ripped Abs Like Pink

Pink is certainly a woman that most people admire.   Record sell out tours, along with her edgy attitude and not to mention her awesome buff body. After her mammoth tour round Australia last year (and possibly because my hair is quite similar) I heard the question time and time again; “What training do I need to do to get a stomach like Pink’s?” Perhaps you have wondered this yourself? Well, let me tell you now is the time to get started on chiseling away at the abs to have you buff, lean and ready for the beach this summer.

Firstly let me cover some behind the scenes things that you need to do doing in order to get those kind of results.


It goes without saying that the first point of call is to clean up your diet. Never try and out-train a poor diet, trust me you are fighting a loosing battle. What you eat accounts for approximately 70% of your results. The number one thing to kick to the curb is processed foods. These are killer for gaining weight around the midriff.  Typically your body will create more fat cells to store toxins from processed foods in order to keep them away from your organs. Here’s my top tips on how to clean up your diet;

Clean Diet Rules

Cut Out Refined ‘White products’ ie Sugar, Table Salt, Flour
Eat food in its Natural Organic State. Avoid packaged food with unknown additives
Eat Raw Foods Where You can and choose cooking methods such as poaching, grilling, roasting and steaming. Don’t Fry Your Food
Drink Plenty of Water

Stress Less

Another reason that buff can be hidden by bulge is staying in a constant state of stress. Trust me I know how it gets when you are running around chasing your tail. Everything in balance right? It would be unrealistic to think that you are going to sit around and mediate all day, however just remembering to put in some down time at the end of a busy day. Let’s all just chill out a little!

The Workout

So before you run off to join the circus check out this clip using one of my favourite training tools the FreeFORM. It is functional, challenging, portable and most importantly will get you results.

Click here purchase a freeFORM which you can use at home, or just about anywhere.


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